Card of Christmas Past

Thanksgiving has just passed and we actually managed to get our Christmas card created and ordered! Like, before December 20th...without having to pay $30 for expedited shipping...It's nothing short of a Christmas miracle! We are hoping it will make people laugh and smile as much as this one from last year (which I forgot to post). Since joining Instagram, I've been lazy about updating the blog. New Years resolution.

Movie Night!!!

Mum is away for a conference so I'm treating my girls to a slice of classic cinematic excellence with a side of homemade popcorn.

On to Chicago.

Since the news of her Mum's new job with the University of Illinois, Ferniechick has been getting bombarded with questions from the press - "Won't you miss living the Northwest?!", "What about the mountains...camping, hiking?" "Will you miss the ocean?", "Aren't you disappointed that you aren't moving to New England?!". She remained cool and expressionless as she repeated just four words: "We're on to Chicago."

Khaleebe Mother of Pteranodons

This is what happens when your kid's interest in dinosaurs equals your obsession with Game of Thrones. Phoebe turned 3 years old this weekend and has usurped her mother as "Queen of the House". is a kind and sweet ruler for the most part, but when it comes to bedtime she can become as unhinged as King Aerys "The Mad King" himself.

Fiddlehead Fernie

Been away from blogging for a while...two kids keep you busy, who knew?! Anyway, this what a 4 month old fiddlehead Fern looks like!

Christmas 2016 - the best Christmas yet!

2016 sucked but we got a little spark of joy right at the end as Phoebe, Martha, and I welcome baby Fern into our family just in time for Christmas!

Happy Festivus! - 2016

I'm a day late posting this - Phoebe, Martha and I have been at the hospital with Phoebe's brand new baby sister, Fern! We will hopefully get to bring Fern home this afternoon, just in time for Feats of Strength!