Trolling My Wife: "Cookie Crisp and Half&Half"

NOTE TO MARTHA: "Hunny, we are all out of baby cereal and breast milk, so I'm giving Phoebe Cookie Crisp and Half&Half. Hope this is ok. -Love Dev"

"Nobody giggled at me until I put on the mask..." - Bane

I told Phoebe that I thought her tub toys look like silly super hero masks....she thought we should try them on.

Spin Me Right 'Round Baby!

Phoebe is now 4 months old and her grasping skills have improved tremendously!

Phoebe in a Treebe (Dec 2014)

"Call the fiyah depahtment! Phoebe's only 3 months old and already she's scamperin' up trees like a G.D. squirrel!" We took this picture while visiting family for Christmas in New England.

Crazy Hair Day (Dec 2014)

Phoebe and Copper show off their crazy hairdos.

Phoebe's Navidad! (Dec 2014)

"Merry Christmas to all! Love, Baby Phoebe and The Three Wise Mutts!" - 2014 Christmas card

Behind the scenes bloopers - Christmas Card 2014

This is a series of images leading up to the picture of Phoebe and Copper in the previous post.

Girls and Their Dogs (Dec 2014)

The picture on the left is my niece Eva and her family dog Oscar. I've always loved this picture of the two of them. The image on the right happened while Martha and I were taking pics of Phoebe for our Christmas card. I was lucky enough to grab a pretty similar shot when Copper entered the frame to give Phoebe a big wet kiss!

Gaming Bjorn to the Rescue! (Nov 2014)

Martha told me to use the Baby Bjorn so that I could "...get more stuff done around the house during the day." After she left for work I sent her this picture.

Hallowhiners (Oct 2014)

Halloween 2014 - Phoebe was mistaken as a boy in her Robin costume which brought us both to tears. Hasn't anyone read Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns?

"All Hail Pharaoh Toots Are Common!" (Oct 2014)

Phoebe's one month old...and she's got the flatulence of an 80 year old man with IBS.

Totally Pumped! (Sept 2014)

First Post to the Facebooks announcing Phoebe's arrival.

It's a Girl! (Sept 2014)

September 3, 2014 my daughter Phoebe was born. Shortly after her birth I left my full time job and became a stay at home dad. Four months have passed and I have been having the time of my life - taking care of Phoebe during the day and doing freelance work in the evenings. I've started this blog as a record of the fun and often crazy things we do together.