I did not post anything for the month of October which was pretty "MEDIOCRE!" to say the least. Weeks later, family and friends are still asking to see pictures of Phoebe in her Halloween costume. The fact of the matter is, Phoebe caught a nasty cold two days before Halloween and with it came a rash that covered her whole body and face. The poor kid wasn't able to go trick-or-treating or even attend her preschool's Harvest Party. So we never dressed her up in her costume. This series of pictures (there will be 3 but only one for now) is a tribute to how "shiny and chrome" our joint-costume was going to be! "WITNESS HER...MY IMPERATOR PHOEBEOSA!!!"

Move over TurDucKen...

We've always said "she's so adorable, we just want to gobble her up!" ...we weren't being smitten parents...WE WERE HUNGRY!