Phoebe's 1st Camping Trip: Teddy Bear Picnic

Phoebe made a new friend on her very first camping trip to Mt. Rainier! Being the polite girl that she is, she invited him back to the tent for a bite to eat.


  1. I just took River on his first camping trip this week too. How old is Phoebe now? That must have been a little extra challenging with her being so young. We saw bears on our trip too - only difference was that ours were young black bears, they were at someone else's camp, River wasn't that interested... and ours were actually there!

    1. That's awesome, dude! Phoebe is almost 1. We put the pack n play in the ten for her to sleep in. She had a ball! That's exciting, that you guys saw actual bears on your trip. Miss you, bud!